Marketing and Blogging using Content Curation

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing got Married!

Blogging and Marketing

Blogging and Marketing
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Really they did it a long time ago, but with all of Google’s help lately there

has been Big Trouble on the home front, you might say the honeymoon is over!

Biggest problem for Bloggers has been keeping their content up to date and

ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking for Pages).

What with a lack of easy to get quality back links, (most of the paid back link farms got bounced),

finding real keyword searches with relevant words and phrases that a human

might type in and search for….ranking a page on a blog or even  ranking a blog and

getting enough traffic to look at any affiliate marketing links or banners on

an unfortunate Bloggers WordPress site has been like Skiing Up Hill.

Don’t believe me? Stroll through the Warrior Forum and check on what people

are talking about and selling…

Anything to do with creating content by outsourcing, using a spinner, buying

PLR content and reusing….is right up there along with the latest and best

plugin to take care of it all for you

Problem is, better watch it. Buy the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and

you are in trouble.

Here is What Matt Cutts has to say about Content and site Ranking.

Those fancy automated posters and commenter plugins and software, used in the

wrong place and time have gotten people crying the blues when YouTube,

Facebook, Google and even Pinterest said Bye Bye.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen? Visit a few groups on Facebook and read the

chit chat. Same for some forums and the comments on Bloggers posts.

Personally have a friend who is missing his Pinterest account…he doesn’t

know why either.

Just gone

Is there a Solution to Curing the Blogger’s Marketing Woes? .


I’m looking at an old software contained in a plugin that has been updated

and reworked…guaranteed 100% in compliance with Google…and the Social

Media Crowd.

Keep an eye out. When it is released, I’ll come back here and post a link

for you.  O.k. here is your link  Go Here to Watch the Video & Learn More

After all, what Blogging Affiliate Marketer doesn’t want an automated system

that will fill up the site with fresh content loaded with images and Videos.

All this content and all these videos relevant to what ever your blogging niche happens to be.

If you want a bonus other than the 70% off the price for a very short launch

special…(either 3 days or 7 days), heard both, I do have a free membership at

a PLR seller, or maybe even a free membership at a copy writing site to help you brush up on your writing skills…..Get your

choice, or if I’m in a generous mood..Both!

See You Later in the Day!

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