Why You Need To Re-Evaluate The Design Of Your Blog

What is the Design of your Blog?

Is your blog setup to grab visitors, entertain and educate and keep that traffic coming back?
If it isn’t so, then you need to take a look around.  Traffic (or in the case of a blog) means getting a look in from new and old interested readers.  Sort of like newspapers…
Now newspapers use things like repeated features to entice readers everyday.
You know,  the funnies, cross word puzzles, the Legal notices,  Various classified ads that are useful:  Cars and Trucks for sale, Lost Cats and Dogs, just to name a few.
You can't design a Blog like a newspaper

You can’t design a Blog like a newspaper

Those might work for a newspaper, but bloggers and internet readers are on a different path.  They don’t sit at the breakfast table and scan The Daily Hometown Spotlight for their updates.
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What can a Blogger do to change the design of their Blog?


Since the design of a blog can make or break it in the traffic sweepstakes, lets take a look at what has been used in the past.

Number 1 was E-mail.  If you  ever read a super good instruction guide on designing and setting up a blog,  then “Build an email List” had better be on the list right after install WordPress.
Build and use email was first and it is still around and utilized.

It is, nevertheless, getting a little tougher to use as progressively more government restrictions are placed on it. Still … it does work.

Creating a Blog site does not Guarantee Success, unless you have some assistance

Why You Need to Re-Evaluate The Design Of Your Blog


Have you ever seen a web site based on the guarantee of terrific content and  when you got there:

what a dump!

Did you even bother to  check out the material after the first impression?

Content is still king, but only if something you are interested in or can use is there and presented in an attention catching manner…

Bloggers have choices to make every day.

Keeping a blog working is a real job, not just a passionate hobby.  In fact a business.


Did I really say that?


Blogging is a job that takes a lot of planning, fore thought (not as friend Bradley Anderson would say, “fore play”) and continual change.

If you make a schedule to post by, but run into problems with writing and posting, how do you solve it?

Well, there are article spinners, guest bloggers and just plain old PLR that can be bought, or buy an article or two from one of those content mills.

Or how about just falling by the wayside and not posting anything at all until you get inspired?


May I ask, what is your solution to keeping your blog up and running?

Share with the rest of us.  We need the Help!

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